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   Tricycles - Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike
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Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike

(Shown with optional high-back bucket seats with swivel arm rests)
1-speed: $1699.00
3-speed: $1899.00

  < Side-by-Side "Team Dual Trike"

The flagship of our fleet the Side-by-Side Tricycle (SBST) features dual independent pedaling. Because both riders can pedal at different rates, or one rider can do all the peddling, the SBST is the perfect choice for pairs with different abilities such as able/disabled. The easy to use center control tiller, dual rear and front drum brakes, and multiple speed options make the SBST the easiest, most fun cycle you've ever ridden. Available with a full range of options such as high back seats, swivel down arm rests—even a surrey top! The Worksman SBST is truly "the ride of your life."

> Click here for more SBST details, specifications and FAQ <

Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike
3-speed SBST shown above with armrests and canopy and a trail bike attached. The family cycle!"

Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike


Optional Equipment for the Side-by-Side Trike:

Option #: Description: Price $:
MSF24 Rear Fenders - Protects rider from debris $90.00
K2024PS Kevlar Tires - Reduces risk of flat tires $45.00
L3PS Puncture Resistant Tubes - Reduces risk of flat tires $39.00
791C Canopy Top - Provides protection from sun and rain $210.00
S79HB High Back Seat (2 req. on SBST) - Added comfort & support ea: $39.00
7912AHB Swivel Armrests (2 req. on SBST) - Added comfort & side support set: $125.00
L1265U Precision Sealed Crank Bearing Set - Increases crank durability & smoothness set: $120.00
N13 28-Tooth Front Sprocket - Easier pedaling (Great with 3-speed) N/C
3927PAV 22"x15"x8" Rear Cabinet (Replaces Basket) - Secure storage $157.00
P18A-7217 Platform Pedal with Heel-support and Strap $129.00
ENG-BK Electric Assist Motor with reverse function $1199.00

> Click here for more SBST details, specifications and FAQ <

Sun model cycles, recumbents, and trikes are sold fully assembled by an authorized dealer for delivery to the customer due to warranty requirements by the manufacturer.

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